Construct of Viewpoint

    This body of work examines the historical context of textiles and self portraiture in regards to feminine identity.  Historically, textiles were sewn by house wives. After creation, they made a small commission to sell them to a company who then profited off mass consumption. I am interested in this process because the textile work itself was so heavily influenced by the woman's hand during the production process, but the actual identity of the maker receded once the piece was sold. According to this notion of anonymity, a woman's internal and external perception of her own body and competency has been woven into them by strangers hands.

    The self portrait photographs printed on fabric are a guttural reaction to lack of recognition and control of female identity. By integrating self portraiture onto fabric, I am proposing identity to a medium that was historically anonymous. Construct of Viewpoint offers no separation between maker and object. In this sense, it is an exercise of power for a female to relentlessly insert herself into her work.

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